Aug 2, 2008

Om Ali

Om ali :


A box of ready-made dough

One liter of full-cream milk

Cup sugar

A small packet of fresh cream

Cup and a half cup of the mixture of raisins, almonds, pistachios and

: Preparation:

. Open up a little dough ready for a rectangle, and the movement of
dough to Chinese rectangular.

. Baked dough in the oven temperature 350 degrees Fahrenheit even
become a golden color.

Break the baked dough to cut medium-sized and placed in glass dish and
heat resistant medium-sized enterprises so as not to exceed the dough
rise in the mid-dish glass.

. Wash raisins and pine and placed in the refinery and Islk
pistachios, almonds for a period of two minutes, then crust and placed
with raisins and pine in the refinery.

. After boiling milk Halim, add nuts to the dough and then poured milk
over a packet with fresh cream.

. All of bread in an oven medium heat until the red mix, and provides
hot candy.

Note: could provide little milk in the local dish sides with these
sweets if a little milk, must make sweets immediately after
preparation, not to dried milk, especially as it was an essential
component of sweets.

Good health

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